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Details The-Rhetoric-of-Sensibility-in-Eighteenth-Century-Culture

The Rhetoric of Sensibility in Eighteenth-Century Culture The Rhetoric of Sensibility in Eighteenth-Century Culture explores the eighteenth-century fascination with the human body as an eloquent, expressive object. Full description

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Details Early-Eighteenth-Century-Britain-1700-1739-Shire-Living-Histories-Band-12

Early Eighteenth-century Britain "Early Eighteenth-century Britain: 1700-1729". Full description

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Details Music-as-a-Science-of-Mankind-in-Eighteenth-Century-Britain

Music as a Science of Mankind in Eighteenth-century Britain Offers a philosophical and historical perspective on the intellectual representation of music in British eighteenth-century culture. Full description

48,33 EUR*
Details Louder-Than-Words-Ways-of-Seeing-Women-Workers-in-Eighteenth-Century-France-Fashioning-the-Eighteenth-Century

Louder Than Words In an era when trade guilds in France largely excluded women as members in their own right, the images depicted in Diderot's Encyclopedie and other contemporary French sources reveal what the statutes and archives of the time obscure ...

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Details British-Women-Poets-of-the-Long-Eighteenth-Century-An-Anthology-Gender-Relations-in-the-Americ

British Women Poets of the Long Eighteenth Century An anthology that gathers 368 poems by 80 British women poets of the long eighteenth century. Full description

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Details The-Dress-of-the-People-Everyday-Fashion-in-Eighteenth-Century-England

Everyday Fashion in Eighteenth-Century EnglandGebundenes BuchRetrieves the story of ordinary consumers in eighteenth-century England and what they wore. This book reveals that ownership of new fabrics and new fashions was not confined to the rich. It ...